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Effective web design is not just a placeholder on the internet. Rather, a website is a crucial employee of your business. This employee is often the first or second image a customer has of your enterprise. A web designer should be able to help you translate your image and goals into a design that works for you and your customer base. Read more...

First, if you do not have a custom domain name, buy one now. Your domain name and business name must be unified so that customers can find you quickly. More than 70% of customers do local searches on their smartphone when looking for services. You must be listed. Read more...

Girl Scouts now offer badges in cybersecurity according to Gizmodo. This is GREAT news for Techsnoop who has a 7-year-old female relative in Girl Scouts with a strong interest in science. The Girls Scouts had the radical idea of asking girls what they wanted to learn. Surprisingly, girls want to learn cybersecurity and they want to join hackathons. Take note school districts across America; girls want to hack. They are interested in science, computers and robotics. And if they are struggling in math, it is the fault of the schools, not the girls. Read more...

Organic search results are results that naturally occur when a customer searches for your type of business. An example is ‘web design’ which used to be a keyword that businesses would overuse in their metadata and on their pages. The newest algorithms are able to determine web design from the page content without overuse of the word. In fact, today’s search engines will actually penalize your site for ‘keyword stuffing’ as this is considered spam. Read more...

Every tech person communicates differently. But when developing your website, the designer must be able to understand your goals and communicate how they will accomplish this. Is the designer clear, using normal English or do they use technobabble to make themselves sound smarter? This is a sign that working with the designer might be difficult. Read more...


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